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Free show—photography and rock—at the Gibson Guitar Showroom tonight

April 2, 2009

If I know of one sure-fire, always available pick-me-up on this ever-uncertain planet, it’s the act of pulling together a really good outfit for a night on the town. And hey, ‘night on the town’ can mean anything these days. Pack a picnic and drive around with the heat blasting and the top down, singing in the rain. Turn off all the lights, uncork a $9 bottle, position yourself by the biggest window in the house, and watch the stars come out one by one while holding the hand of someone you love and listening to French piano composer Erik Satie—or, anything by or featuring local avant-jazz saxophonist Wally Shoup. Or the homebred freak-out duo Love Tan. Stargazer’s choice.

Or, you know, tear down the curtains, wrap them around your body and secure the look with the dog’s leash and call it a MIA-inspired fashion show. These times demand creativity, folks.

If you’re feeling the pinch this week, you might be in the mood for a free rock show — bonus points for the kind of rock show that inspires one of those aforementioned spectacular outfits. If you’re saying, ‘Why yes exactly, thanks for thinking of it, that’s precisely where my head is right now,’ well, I know just the thing.

Local photographer Kristen Truax — behind the lens she goes by Blush Photo — captures the Seattle music scene in moments of cacophony, beauty, sweat, dirt, glory, pride, and abandon. She makes us, and them, look like we always know just where to be. (Which is, of course, Here.)

Tonight, the place to be is the Gibson Guitar Showroom, where Blush photos documenting loud Seattle nights and awesomely discordant summer afternoons will hang on walls surrounding the Seattle band See Me River. The songwriting-focused multi-instrument blend of goth-meets-acoustic classic rock (think Townes Van Zandt rolling thru the years with Bauhaus at Tom Waits’s house) ought to sound just right on this pre-Spring eve. And they’re a band you can dress for, absolutely. Go semi-‘80s Ralph Lauren, semi-’90s grunge as interpreted by Winona Ryder’s character in Reality Bites, and add jewelry that belonged to your grandparent, Neil Young’s broken-in Levi’s, and a simple black tie, scarf, or bolo.

The party starts at 6 and goes ’til 10. Look Sharp!

(All the images here, including MIA at Sasquatch last summer — and local hitters Blue Scholars and Mad Rad after that — are used with permission from Blush Photo. All the images at the Gibson Showroom show, which will stay up through the month of April, should you have rock fans in from outta town, are of Seattle musicians. I just included MIA here because homegirl is ever so over-the-top, and this is, of course, a style blog.)

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