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April Food Day

April 1, 2009

Oh, April One. I’ll admit I considered photographing some horrible garment and putting up an April Fool’s post—but then I remembered that I rarely carry off that kind of foolery with any real charm, grace, or humor, and moreover, I had to ask myself: Do you really care about April Fool’s Day? Nope.

And then I got an email from a reader suggesting that I share the goals of April Food Day with the rest of you. The organizers behind this movement are bloggers; the idea is that if design, style, food, and other bloggers help spread the word about the deep need to support food banks in America, the ripple effect could be pretty serious. I can’t help but feel that we who are so concerned with beauty and design, with the drape of a dress and the color of hose, do well to step back from all of that on a regular basis and do something about the millions of humans and animals for whom food, shelter, and clothing are altogether more basic.

If you’ve ever been to this blog before, you know that I am a pretty big believer in little things meaning a lot. In everyone doing their part. Please click here for the list of area food banks. Consider a monetary donation to a central funding alliance, or consider dropping off a bag of groceries to the help center nearest your home or office.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for doing your part.

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