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Last Waltz for Last Waltz

March 4, 2009

Sad, sad, sad, sad news today, but we’ll try to see the silver lining.

Cybele Phillips sent out word yesterday (just after I posted about the Xenia Mara necklace I bought from her) that after about a year and a half of dressing the kinds of girls who sleep late and wake up chic on accident, she will be closing Last Waltz, her impeccably curated independent designer-n-vintage shop on the east arch of Cap Hill.

It’s sad for us, because Last Waltz has really been a destination. I wish I could recall what the storefront had been before—a church? a barbershop? a boxing studio?—whatever it was, you can still feel it’s history and personality because Cybele and her artist husband are the kinds of people who know enough to retain such things; they created a world of purposeful design and yesterday style inside and alongside what already existed. Thrift store watercolors, rich textiles, and a sort of backstage-meets-the-drawing-room layout and design informed the clothing—which ranged from rescued ‘40s-inspired ’80s dresses, old-world Seattle Frederick & Nelson faux-furs, and high-waisted Lou Doillon-esque slacks to sustainable, substantive, super stylish lines like Mociun, Humanoid, and A Small Collection. Last Waltz felt like a folk song, and I’ll miss finding inspiration there.

The silver lining here is that Cybele has chosen to close up shop on her own terms. Yes, the economy influenced her decision, but she’s got other projects she wants to pursue, and the timing is right for her to pursue them. I look forward to hearing more from her.

The other silver lining (ugh, it’s getting harder and harder to see the shimmer in these things…) is that closing up shop means liquidating her stock, and selling off the fixtures and furnishings that make the space so sweet and timeless. Whether you’ve been thinking of redecorating your closet or your apartment, you better think of getting to Last Waltz by noon-sharp this Saturday when the sale begins.

(I stole the above image, Last Waltz , from the Russian artist Vladimir Purvininsky.)

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