Spring Training Day 3

Saved by Zero

February 18, 2009

Maria Cornejo is a designer’s designer, and, although she was born in Chile, she’s clearly a New Yorker—and by extension, an American—through and through. That’s her there at the end of her spring/summer show in the Save the Garment Center tee shirt—and, The Most Amazing Shoes Ever.

Pre-Inaugural Ball, every other sentence about Michelle Obama’s style had the words Maria Cornejo in it. Now, of course, it’s all Wu all the time, still, Ms Cornejo and her line, Zero, are not to be, as they say, slept on. The current pieces feel futuristic but not in a difficult or foreign way; it’s in the textiles as much as the silhouettes, and for all the hard, graphic edges and non-organic surfaces, there’s an overall feeling of roomy ease. Wherever you’re going, these clothes will go with you. And those shoes. Dear god those open-toed little bootie/sandal-shoes.

I wasn’t surprised when, on the aforementioned Valentine’s Day eve wedding of some great friends, my friend Lauren strolled in to the West Seattle Masonic Lodge in a tribal-yet-techy Zero dress. Wasn’t surprised that she had scored some rad little bootie-shoes to go with it, either. Turns out our Lauren had stimulated the economy via the Barneys New York sale a month or so ago; if I’m not mistaken, Barneys and Impulse/Totokaelo are your only local options for this particular brand of spring stimulation.

The Masonic Lodge is an honest-to-gosh trip by the way. A couple of us snuck out of the reception for awhile and showed ourselves around the back hallways and dusty catacombs, and I grabbed this picture of the bottom of Lauren’s Zero dress, and those shoes. Then I made her take one of me and my granny boots for good measure.

Just to give a little perspective, the last image is of the stage area in the grand hall at the Lodge. An honest-to-gosh trip I’m telling you.

Before I go I have to include a link to this video from 1983. If you, like me, are rounding out the end of your 30s with one foot in the early ’80s, you can’t think of Maria Cornejo’s Zero saving the Garment Center—and your spring wardrobe—without hearing this good old oldie by the Fixx.

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