February 7, 2009

One of our awesome + essential interns, Jill Watanabe, recently asked me about sweater pins. She referred to this image and wanted to know where she could get something like it in Seattle. Jill’s a real cardigan kind of girl with a sophisticated sense of style — very Rag & Bone meets Proenza Schouler crossed with Gossip Girl, so I assumed she wanted it for herself and silently applauded her for it. I love the idea of bringing back this little forgotten accessory.

I mentioned that I had inherited one, pictured here, from my mom, and another from my grandma, and then I directed her to Rhinestone Rosie and/or Lil Paisley, the city’s top two vintage costume and fashion jewelry shopkeeps. I love both of their stores, and I’ve loved using their pieces in shoots; Rosie’s earrings in last spring’s shoot, and we’ve used the gorgeous vintage bags she carries in Seattle Met Bride & Groom, and a few of Kris’s pieces in this winter’s spread.

Let us know if you have other tips for sweet sweater pins. I’ve not seen any new designers doing these kinds of pieces – would be cool to find out that you have …

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