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The Wear What When Plan to Take Back Our Economy

February 6, 2009

Thanks for all the great comments from yesterday’s post. I really love that you’re feeling the Schooner Tuna angle (ha!) and the need + desire to spend your deserved dough on some deserving businesses. And really, why would we wait for the senate to figure out their stimulus plan? We’ve got our own.

So here is what I’d like us to do.

A) Spend money on stuff that matters. Local lines; sustainable brands; American-made fashion; quality goods that will last for years; artist-made home, lifestyle and style-style goods and services. Yesterday I suggested $100 bucks a month but slide the sliding scale to the dollar amount that feels right for you and do it. Just stick to it — set an amount and make it happen.

B) When you’ve got something new that you’re totally into (and this will happen a lot because you’re super discerning now, your shopping eye is sharp, so anything/everything you buy you will be completely in love with), take some style photos of yourself in your new gear, ala the whole outfit-posting me-style blog thing, and then either post them to your social networking site of choice or your blog, and send them me the link. If you don’t blog or do Facebook et al, just send me a digital pic. I’ll either link to your blog or page, or post your picture for you—hell I’ll even take your picture if you want to come meet me at my office at lunch time. We’ll share the where/wear, what, when of it all with the whole city, and by god we’ll start a revolution.

Okay so maybe not. But maybe we will!

In honor of this stimulation starter kit, I’m leaving this post image-less … until after I come back with a new purchase.

until then—

I’m gone shopping…

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