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February 11, 2009

I had lunch at Taste at SAM with my two favorite stylists yesterday, Alvin Stillwell and Sharron Anderson. Alvin always looks impeccable—but with a twist. I love men’s fashion but always feel like guys have so much less to work with. Inevitably, I meet up with Mr. Stillwell and he manages to relieve me of that notion. Yesterday, it was his 80s-teal Paul Smith eyewear and the sly red snap mixed into the black ones on his shirt.

Alvin and I were already seated near Taste’s giant windows when Sharron came strolling down First Ave, so we got to appreciate her faux-fox tassle boots and faux-fur hooded vest in true street-style fashion.

As it turns out, another diner, an older woman whose hair was dyed a gutsy but flattering shade of red not easily found in nature, had the same experience; as she was leaving she stopped by the table to tell Sharron how she had watched her come in in those boots and just loved them. I always enjoy the experience of seeing someone from a distance and thinking, ‘Wow, dig the look,’ only to find, as they come nearer, that they’re a friend. Oh, and I have to mention it: Sharron’s second little one is due in a month and some change. She’s quite the hot mama.

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