1. You’re getting excited about this Friday night’s Project Red Dress where you’ll watch the city’s hottest, newest, and most innovative young designers send red dresses down the Fairmont Olympic runway. Both a competition and a fundraiser for the American Heart Association, this is Seattle’s must-attend fashion event — it’s like our own little Project Runway. Playing the part of Michael Kors is Nick Verreos, the part of Nina Garcia will be attempted by yours truly. Who’s sitting in Heidi Klum chair? Who will be the surprise judge(s)? You’ll have to go to find out.

2. You’re sort of over waiting for the senate and the prez to figure out what they’re stimulating. Conversely, you’re all over our little DIY micro-stimulus plan. You know we’re not alone in this, and even as we watch out for another set of snowflakes, you’re gearing up for the spring version of City Stimulus.

3. You’re thinking more big picture, more macro-economics, more what-can-I-do-to-save-style than ever before. It is, by turns, terrifying and thrilling to think this way, but you know that the more you know, the more you know you need to be brave and buywhen you can and where it matters. You’re off now to read this sobering yet inspiring piece from New York mag about their city’s Freakoutonomics, and you’ll be back later to tell us what you think.

(Project Runway photo courtesy Brick House Photos.)

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