When You Care Enough To Send the Best

February 4, 2009

This month’s Spree page features nine super lovely vases. There are a couple organic-feeling hand-shaped ones, some exotic, romantic options, a very sweet vintage example, and one or two that are super modern—almost masculine (ladies: that is my way of saying many a dude out there would appreciate a special delivery).

Pictured here is my favorite vase at home. The bottom is stamped "West Germany" in a rounded, really cool fear-the-Eastern-bloc font. Love it. I feel like it belongs in the Korova Milk bar from A Clockwork Orange, but it also looks pretty great in our mid-century basement chill-ax pad. My husband saw it at the Fremont Antique Mall several years ago and gave it to me for my birthday; the timing was right-on because I had just returned from Berlin and couldn’t stop watching super styled Fassbinder movies and listening to moody, atmospheric krautrock bands like Neu! and Faust.

In general, I think getting and giving flowers is underrated. Maybe there’s a feeling that they don’t last long enough to warrant the effort or the cost, but it’s that ephemeral quality that makes the experience worthwhile. But I really understand the desire to give something that’s forever too, which is why we decided to show vases in this month’s issue.

Here’s the deal: Any florist worth his/her heirloom peonies is happy to take your vase and do their thing inside it. Believe me, none of them are particularly enamored of the bland glass ones they use by default (let’s not even talk about those terrible bumpy green ones, or the way they pile up, seemingly without your permission, under the kitchen sink).

Alternatively, head to Pike Place Market and check out the dried, imported, and magically regional options that the vendors bring in at this time of year, and arrange them yourself. Don’t overthink that part — just do it.

Here’s a clip—in Italian!—of the white-on-white super-modern bar from the Kubrick flick

and, because I want to make sure this song never ends up on a break-up mix-tape addressed to you, Barbra + Neil singing "You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore." (I love the pre-bling sparkle of her dove gray gown and the sheer, shiny, nude lip she’s giving.)

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