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Good News Is Hard to Find

February 25, 2009

If not exactly hard, well then not altogether easy. But look here. I came across three pieces of it.

1. You might have missed the comment on this post from a reader who wanted to let us know about Indie Bound, a great book shopping site where you can skip the big box shops and find indie booksellers who have the texts and tell-alls you want. Perfect. I can’t wait til someone does the same thing with Marni sack dresses and every last stitch of washed-out gray/pale pink/nude perfection on page 116 of the February issue of Marie Claire. In the meantime, please check out Indie Bound’s wrap-up of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance study showing that independent retailers are beating many of the big chains. Sales numbers are down, we know that, but ILSR says indie retailers were only down by 5% over the holidays, while competing national chains saw their numbers go down from -7.7% – -24.2%. It does matter when you shop with local mom and pops. It does, so keep doing it. You can read more about the study, and more about important buy local initiatives like our own lil Stimulate This! if you click right here.

2. More data, this time on the recent fall shows in New York. They’ve improved in one important area: The models. Oh there were plenty of pretty hilarious stories and photos about teeny tiny tall girls taking serious tumbles, sure, but we’re talking about color here. This post on figures that of the 3,697 strolls down the runway last week, 668 of them were taken by women of color. Doesn’t sound totally impressive, no, but that number is 6% better than it was last year, and way better than the data from 2007 (check the Jezebel post for more). Hopefully, it’s a trend that’ll continue. (The image here is a Richard Avedon picture of Donyale Luna, a ’60s model I love. You can you read more about her in this 1966 Time mag piece.)

3. This last bit is practically data-free. Just announced: The Art Institute’s 11th annual student fashion show is Thursday March 12 at Showbox SoDo. The runway event, dubbed Peace, Love, and Fashion is entirely student-produced, from the lighting and marketing and promotion right down to looks that get paraded down the runway. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There is real inspiration and innovation to be found in this town’s student fashion shows. I’m constantly surprised at the level of talent, and the depth of imagination. If you need another reason, I have one word for you: Blayne. Project Runway‘s infamous tanorexic alum is one of the judges, as am I. There’s a 5p.m. show (high school students with valid ID get in free to this one) and an 8p.m. show; tickets for both are available from Ticketmaster for a cool $20. ($25 at the door)

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