Super Natural

Bring the outside in with home decor and accessories that reflect the great outdoors.

By Laura Cassidy February 12, 2009 Published in the March 2009 issue of Seattle Met


Brazilian agate bookends $175 at Agate Design, 120 First Ave S, Pioneer Square, 206-621-3063. 



Design Within Reach water pitcher with Japanese stone and charcoal filtration system $85 at DWR Studio, 1918 First Ave, Downtown, 206-443-9900;



Locally designed and built scrap plywood “Slice” chair with ottomanby Graypants (contact for pricing) at Graypants, 206-420-3912;



Organic cotton quilt$360, duvet cover$350, and pillow shams$55 by regionally based Plover Organic, 866-540-8377;



Graypants “Scrap” pendant lamp made locally from repurposed cardboard $195 at Graypants, 206-420-3912;



Hand-knotted Tibetan wool rug by locally based Dorjé (price varies according to size) at Dorjé, 417 E Loretta Pl, Capitol Hill, 206-783-7847;



Ornamo steel end table with
hand-turned, reclaimed elm
magnetized tray top $1,295 at Ornamo, 301 Occidental Ave S, Pioneer Square, 206-859-6492;


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