Brazilian agate bookends $175 at Agate Design, 120 First Ave S, Pioneer Square, 206-621-3063. 



Design Within Reach water pitcher with Japanese stone and charcoal filtration system $85 at DWR Studio, 1918 First Ave, Downtown, 206-443-9900;



Locally designed and built scrap plywood “Slice” chair with ottomanby Graypants (contact for pricing) at Graypants, 206-420-3912;



Organic cotton quilt$360, duvet cover$350, and pillow shams$55 by regionally based Plover Organic, 866-540-8377;



Graypants “Scrap” pendant lamp made locally from repurposed cardboard $195 at Graypants, 206-420-3912;



Hand-knotted Tibetan wool rug by locally based Dorjé (price varies according to size) at Dorjé, 417 E Loretta Pl, Capitol Hill, 206-783-7847;



Ornamo steel end table with
hand-turned, reclaimed elm
magnetized tray top $1,295 at Ornamo, 301 Occidental Ave S, Pioneer Square, 206-859-6492;


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