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Tell me what to wear for the Germanic, 1820s version of Beatlemania at Benaroya Hall. Please.

January 28, 2009

Okay, it’s your turn. I need you to tell me what to wear to the symphony. Perhaps more to the point, I need to know what dudes in this town wear to the symphony.

My husband and I are going to Benaroya Hall next weekend to see a performance of a Franz Liszt piece that we love. Do you know Liszt? That’s him there. He had giant hands—all the better for playing the piano with—and was a heartthrob/rock star back in the day. Really. He made women hysterical, like the Beatles would so many years later. We have the most amazing red vinyl Liszt LP that we play at the end of long wonderful weekends at home … devastatingly beautiful stuff.

At any rate, we were talking this morning about where to eat beforehand, and what to wear. Having not been (shameful, I know) to a Seattle Symphony Performance before, I don’t know if I should expect tuxes or jeans. This being Seattle, I am thinking I might see both, and everything in between. But if you could let me know what you’ve worn, and what you’ve seen, I’d really owe you one.

And of course I’ll report back—with pictures!

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