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For Friday: a link and trend

January 16, 2009

The bloggers at Bloomacious are all at-the-edge-of-their-seats over what the Obamas will serve state dinners on, so on Thursday there was this post, featuring ten patterns from past presidential china cabinets. Why Mr. Polk, I never would have guessed.

I do love a stylishly set table. Some of my favorite shoots for Seattle Met Bride & Groom are the ones we do with tableware, from flatware to glasses and barware to formal and everyday china. The image here is from a feature we did on mixing and matching patterns in our premiere issue. It was shot by Elke Van de Velde, and the exquisite Raynaud and Versace for Rosenthal pieces are from the Porcelain Gallery in Magnolia. If you’ve never been, go, and treat it like a gallery if nothing else; they have some of the most magnificent and timeless tableware on the West Coast.

I do feel like there’s a trend for returning to fine china. I’ve had so many friends, and readers of SMB&G, mention using their heirloom settings (personally, I take any excuse to use my great grandmother’s from Germany) or registering for a formal pattern of their own. I like to think that more modern and high-tech our society gets, the more a certain segment of us values classic style and old-world beauty.

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