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Hair Stylist to the Stars Puts a Sheen on Seattle

January 7, 2009

Big shot, one-named stylist Oribe (say "or-bay") usually spends his days twisting up-dos on Christy Turlington for Vogue and pinning hair extensions on Jennifer Lopez’s noggin at his Miami salon, but this week, his brand new line of super-slick hair products brought him to Seattle.

I’m always up for a little continuing education so I accepted an invite from MargiDavid Salon to sit in on a class he gave for their stylists earlier today; the salon is one of three in Seattle to carry the new products.

Most folk who work intimately (as in, in their hair) with celebrities look like celebrities too and Oribe is no exception. He looked perfectly put together yet casual in a black Tom Ford vest and jacket and a crisp pink shirt. No surprise—he has fantastic hair.

Most of Oribe’s instruction went a little, well, over my head, but then again, when my husband isn’t around to do it for me, I cut my own hair and a very simple argan oil from Kiehl’s is my preferred styling product. Still, it was fun to watch the legend at work—and to hear him talk about his favorite muses and icons (Bridget Bardot figures prominently) and the one thing he says his clients can do to inspire him to give them a really great cut or style: wear "hot-ass heels."

As if to illustrate what might constitute "hot-ass heels," Oribe’s northwest brand manager was wearing these hot-ass booties.

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