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Marc Jacobs vs. Seared Scallops

January 26, 2009

When I posted my seven dollar Marc Jacobs cardigan, I fought myself about adding a caveat—something about how I would’ve bought it even if it didn’t have that ubiquitous little name sewn into it, and, well, here I am, so I guess I won — or would it be lost? — the fight.

I would’ve bought that sweater even if it didn’t have that ubiquitous little name sewn into it. Because the truth is, I definitely don’t love fashion’s favorite man in a skirt. The truth is, I don’t not love him either. I am almost completely emotionless when it comes to Marc, which perfectly illustrates the feelings of the one and only Ms. Kim Lundin, Creative Director at Gene Juarez Salons and Spas.

A year ago, in the middle of shooting our Spring 08 fashion spread with Olugbenro Ogunsemore, I heard the tiny and adorable hair pro on the other side of the room … talking about scallops.

"Well, everyone thinks you’re supposed to love them, right? But no one even likes scallops. (I’m paraphrasing, so work with me here.) You go out to eat and you even think you’re going to order them … ‘hm, maybe I should have the scallops.’ But here’s the thing: You don’t like scallops. No one likes scallops. You just think you’re supposed to. It’s the exact same thing with Marc Jacobs. You think you like him because you think everyone likes him, but no one really does. Marc Jacobs is the scallop of the fashion world."

Okay but someone does love him. Posh does. And Rachel Zoe does—even though it seemed for a minute there that Marc didn’t really love her.

But what about you? If you had to choose between a Marc Jacobs dress and a plate of seared scallops, who would win? How about shrimp almondine? Crab rangoon? Filet of soul?

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