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Happy 300th

Far 4 celebrates three centuries of Meissen Porcelain.

January 3, 2009

On January 13 from 11a.m. to 5p.m. the Klimenkoffs—Igor and Yelena, November’s immaculately dashing Style Counsel stars, are celebrating 300 years of fine Meissen Porcelain with an open house at Far 4, the store they operate with their equally impeccable and very sweet daughter Jenny. The ponderous little dude here, an exclusive Meissen piece based on a design from the 1700s, is the man of the hours. Mark your calendars now, by which I mean plan to wear something that looks good with delicate and wry fine bone china, something that goes with ultra-modern, post-/proto-European design.

While you’re there, make a special point to seek out Igor’s work. The gorgeously precise, often nostalgic art pieces are designed here and fabricated by a clan of artisans in Russia, and they feel of two worlds. Here and there, now and then, serious and funny, frighteningly fragile and completely quotidian. When I stopped by one day last month before the holidays, Yelena showed me a "mistake" — an all-white female figure, meant to be about 8 inches high, that had slumped over in the kiln so that she was standing at an impossibly acute angle while attempting to drink from a tiny mug. The accidental extreme lean gave the figure a sweet, humorous quality, making it feel twice as curious and exponentially more human. I realized why I so admire the Klimenkoffs as Yelena explained that they fell in love with the beauty and folly of the mistake and added the bent woman to the collection. There are few things more genius than a finely tuned sense of humor.

(Image from Meissen)

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