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January 9, 2009

Since none of us is feeling particularly deep-in-the-pockets these days, I figure we better share tips on sales, discounted services, and otherwise Big Deals. My first o’ the year: Gary Manuel Salon’s Phase 3.

I stopped by the iconic local salon’s satellite spot today—it’s just next door to the GM proper, where services are rendered for a relative song (cuts start at $27; color at $70). Stylists of every shape and form (meticulously outfitted worldly types, Urban-Outfitted hipsters, and one very cool looking super-skinny dude who bore a Seattle-ified resemblance to Oliver Theyskens—I almost wanted to ask him to comment on the rumors that "he" is leaving Nina Ricci…) were cutting, coloring, and otherwise beautifying clients under the watchful eye of Tsofia, the stylishly urban/bohemian education director pictured here.

You probably know the basic drill at training-grounds-cum-great-deal-spots like this: Stylists with certain training and apprenticeship hours under their belts are given free reign while your in-good-hands status is guarded by seasoned stylists who advise and otherwise oversee the action. What makes Phase 3 particularly noteworthy is the equally noteworthy and deserved reputation of founders Gary Howse, Manuel Benevich, and the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute, where the stylists are trained. (More on the Aveda Institute soon, because—save your pennies—cuts there start at $14 and their $40, hour-long facial deserves the buzz it’s lately been getting.)

So that’s my scoop—for now. Please feel free to share yours!

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