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Revamp Your Outdoor Space With These Top 6 Remodeling Trends

Get Inspired to create your own outdoor haven & embrace every season in the Pacific Northwest!

Presented by Better Builders April 28, 2023

Better Builders, Farwell New Construction, PRDG Architecture + Design

Just picture lazy summer afternoons soaking up the sun, watching your kids play on a new deck or custom patio, or enjoying the company of friends around a warm fire pit, creating unforgettable memories. Imagine having your own outdoor oasis where you can make the most of every season in the Pacific Northwest.

Nowadays, we all crave the chance to unwind and spend more time in the great outdoors from the comfort of our own homes, and that's why having a fantastic outdoor living space has never been more popular. Homeowners realize that an outdoor living area can create a relaxing and entertaining atmosphere that adds value to your property and quality time with your family and friends. Creating an outdoor living space tailored to your lifestyle is all about making it your own. Just think of it as an extension of your home, and get excited about the endless potential for outdoor enjoyment and relaxation!

Whether you dream of having an outdoor kitchen and dining area, or a spacious deck or patio to kick back and relax on, these top 6 trends will help you get the inspiration needed to begin the process of turning your outdoor space into a living oasis.

Designing Your Outdoor Space

Better Builders, Farwell New Construction, PRDG Architecture + Design

When designing your outdoor area, it's important to have a clear idea of what you want it to look and function like. This means considering things like whether you want a deck or patio, if you need a kitchen area, and whether you'd like a special space for kids to play. You should also think about whether you'll need heating or electrical outlets.

Just like remodeling any other area of your home, you need to have a “floor plan” for your outdoor space. This will allow you to think through key elements and figure out the best layout. For example, you may want to have some space between your seating area and where you'll be grilling. It's also important to consider how you'll enter and exit the space. Overall, taking the time to plan and design your outdoor area can be an exciting process.

6 Ideas to Make the Most of Your Outdoor “Floorplan”:

1.   Patios

Better Builders, Bellevue Garage and Workshop, Photo by Nathan Supakul

Built at ground level, these spaces integrate seamlessly with your backyard and can host a wide range of activities and features. Consider single features like a hot tub or firepit, or dream big with an outdoor kitchen, bar, or dining area for entertaining.

Your patio material can also be tailored to suit your taste. From rustic natural stone to stamped concrete, the options are expansive.

2.   Decks

Better Builders, Lake Washington Deck

In the ever-changing PNW weather, we are big fans of covered deck space, to enjoy rain or shine. If you’re looking for something more luxurious, we can create an extension of your home with a covered deck. From couches and a fireplace to a television and wired sound system, amenities to live in comfort can be part of your deck planning. Consider lower maintenance materials like synthetic lumber to minimize maintenance.

3.   Gardens and Hardscaping


Better Builders, Othello New Construction

Foliage and flowers are a great way to bring softness to your built area. Adding pops of color and more natural elements appeals to many homeowners. Just remember – plant life can be temperamental and may not look lively year-round, depending on what species you select.

4.    Add an Outdoor Kitchen

A backyard kitchen allows for more cooking outdoors and eliminates running in and out of the house when preparing meals. An outdoor kitchen may also help lower HVAC costs in your house. Decreasing trips in and outside, less cool air will escape from people milling about.

5.   Add a Fence or Improve Existing Fences

Better Builders, North Admiral New Construction, Photo by Vista Images

For those planning on spending additional time in the backyard this summer, safety and privacy is of utmost concern. Upgrading the fences with tall, sturdy, sustainable materials are a great way to ensure both.

New fences are a quality investment for properties of all sizes as buyers seek the security and homey look that fencing provides year-round.

6.   Build a Green House and Vegetable Garden

Better Builders, Bellevue Garage and Workshop, Photo by Nathan Supakul

As the sunny months roll in, people are eager to indulge in their passion for gardening or growing their own food. You may consider starting small by creating a couple of raised garden beds or taking it up a notch by building a customized greenhouse that allows you to grow plants throughout the year.

An Outdoor Oasis, Made for You

It’s important to find the right Design-Build team to take on any home renovation project. Better Builders takes a unique trusted advisor approach to working with homeowners. To learn more about our process, check out our eBook, “Better Builders Proved Roadmap to Create the Home of Your Dreams.”

Do you already have ideas for revamping your outdoor living space? Schedule a free consultation call with Better Builders.


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