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Non-profit Lifelong’s Innovative Way To Feed Medically Vulnerable Communities

Dining Out For Life, on September 29, delivers healthy food to the tables of those that need It most.

Presented by Lifelong September 1, 2022

For many members of our community it’s never been harder to bring food to their table. Fortunately, on September 29th, it’s never been easier to help reach neighbors in need.

Dining Out For Life is a day when dozens of restaurants contribute a portion of their proceeds to Seattle non-profit Lifelong and its mission of connecting Western Washington’s most medically vulnerable with lifesaving meals.

Many of the people Lifelong serves are homebound from an life-altering illnesses and have little to no income, making access to healthy food even more critical.

Food is medicine and has been the north star for Lifelong’s food and nutrition program, Chicken Soup Brigade, since it began nearly 40 years ago. 

Lifelong started by providing food and vital support to people with HIV in the early 80s. As the needs grew so did Lifelong’s services. And thanks to a generous community of donors, those services have grown substantially as well as expanding to serve people living with other serious illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

In 2021 alone, Lifelong delivered 50,741 healthy grocery bags and 338,931 frozen meals to chronically ill Western Washington residents. Medically tailored meals are created with the help of their on-staff dietitians and chefs, which means the food tastes great but is also designed to meet each person’s specific health needs.

Dining Out For Life is one of Lifelong’s most important fundraisers of the year. Grab your friends and make a reservation at a participating restaurant throughout the greater Seattle area on Thursday, September 29 or donate today!

By dining out (or ordering in), your support will bring lifesaving food to people without access to nutritious, culturally relevant meals and help shape the future of health equity in Washington state.

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