AS A LEADER IN THE COMPETITIVE Seattle private school community, UPrep is the school of choice for many families seeking a place that will foster intellectual courage and social responsibility. In response to the growing enrollment demand, UPrep is building the ULab, a 39,000-square-foot, three-story building scheduled to open in fall 2023. 

When complete, the ULab will create a high-school hub for the campus, dedicated to igniting student passion for collaboration, creativity, and leadership through interdisciplinary and project-based learning. As a result of the new ULab, UPrep will increase its Upper School enrollment by nearly 30 percent, from 340 to 450 students. The increased enrollment will foster a larger social cohort, diverse perspectives in the classroom, and opportunities for expanded course offerings, clubs, and athletics. 

UPrep Head of School Ronnie Codrington-Cazeau says it is exhilarating to see trucks moving on and off the property and to hear construction sounds through her office window.

“The ULab will reflect the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of UPrep. This school has always been a place where students become intellectually courageous, socially responsible citizens of the world,” said Ronnie.

“The new creative learning spaces in the ULab will enable us to expand upon what we already do so well, so our students will have a lasting impact on the community—and world—beyond UPrep.”

The ULab will extend UPrep’s current footprint with inspiring learning spaces that match the quality of the outstanding teaching and learning that occur at this 6–12 school every day. “I believe we have the most amazing teachers in the world,” said Talia Levine, a senior at UPrep. “We are surrounded and inspired every day by adults who are doing what they love and get to learn from people with unique experiences and viewpoints. UPrep has given me the confidence and the tools to go out in the world and make a change.”

At UPrep, the student-to-teacher ratio is 9 to 1. Teachers inspire students to strive for excellence in the classroom, on stage, and as participants in co-curricular clubs and no-cut sports teams.  “UPrep’s teachers are excellent, accessible, and create relationships with students based on mutual respect. An expectation of independence, along with small class sizes and constant support from many people, gives our kids what they need to learn to their potential,” said Alexa Crawford, a UPrep parent.

With the ULab construction, UPrep’s next chapter is on the horizon. The building’s open concept and flexible spaces will amplify the school’s signature learning experiences and collaborations that are essential to helping students thrive in an ever-changing global community. The ULab will include:

  • Ten modular classrooms with moveable walls that support interdisciplinary learning and seminar-style teaching
  • Wellness Studio for PE classes, athletic practices, and dance and yoga classes
  • A large gathering area and meeting spaces that support student collaboration and foster community building
  • A state-of-the-art 1,123 square-foot Makerspace where students make their ideas come to life
  • Expanded offices for College Counseling, Global and Outdoor Education, and Launchpad (UPrep’s signature senior project)
  • A rooftop deck with seating for student and community programming
  • The ULab’s universal design prioritizes accessibility for all. This includes counter, drinking fountain, and sink heights, and wayfinding signs with provisions for the visually impaired.

“The ULab will amplify the signature learning experiences and collaborations that are essential to thriving in an ever-changing global community,” says Brian Gonzales, UPrep’s director of innovation and experiential education. “UPrep students will be challenged to learn beyond disciplines, to dig deeper and take intellectual risks, and to explore who they are and how they can make an impact in our community.”

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