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Rooted in Nature and Innovation

Camper's S/S 22 collection contains more recycled, natural, and innovative materials than ever before.

Presented by Camper May 10, 2022

As the first international footwear company to introduce MIRUM®, an all-natural, plastic-free material, the Spanish brand Camper has made sustainable strides this season to improve nearly 100% of its products.
Its new partnership happens with Natural Fiber Welding, the company behind MIRUM®, an innovative textile fueled by nature. High-performance and animal-free, MIRUM is a 100% natural material with zero plastics, acrylic coatings, or PU binders. Made with cotton, rubber, soybean oil, and other plant-based ingredients, MIRUM® features in the brand’s Runner K21, an original Camper style inspired by its first-ever sneaker.
Sugarcane also features prominently in this season’s collection. Originating from a fully-
renewable, fast-growing resource, this bio-based material is used to make XL EXTRALIGHT® Organix™ outsoles, helping to reduce the need for virgin plastics without compromising on durability.
Reinforcing the brand's natural approach this season, Camper’s S/S 22 collection uses only recycled or organic cotton, contributing to less textile waste, energy, and water consumption. Organic cotton eliminates hazardous substances during the growth and production process in line with the brand’s aim to cut chemicals where possible.
Non-dyed and chrome-free leather debut in a selection of styles for S/S 22, eliminating dye and chemicals from the tanning and manufacturing process to produce a beautiful natural material that is gentler on the skin and ecosystems.
Designed to be fully recyclable, Camper’s Wabi sandal is made from a single material with 20% recycled TPU, meaning that it can easily be ground up and turned into something new at the end of its life. Based on the original Wabi first launched over 20 years ago, the Camper Icon is offered as a summer slide with selected styles featuring a tatami footbed, a reference to the line’s Japanese influence.
From start to finish, the collection focuses on minimizing chemicals and waste while continuing to craft long-lasting products, developing more circular footwear, and reducing its reliance on virgin plastics with more recycled materials.
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