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Sunnyside Village: More Than Just a Home - A Community for Life

Sunnyside Village Cohousing offers an engaged intentional community of new homes for individuals and families of all ages and sizes.

Presented by Sunnyside Co-housing April 7, 2022

A home in Sunnyside Village is more than a just house. Sunnyside Village is more than a collection of houses. It is a community, a home for a life well-lived. It is a community that cares – about its residents, about its community, and about the planet. Located between Lake Stevens and Marysville, within commuting distance of Everett and Seattle, Sunnyside Village Cohousing is a community of 32 independent cottages that share 4.75 acres with a common house, gardens, and open space, and other resources. In addition, community members will support each other with shared meals, activities, and commitment.

Benefits of Sunnyside Village for working professionals

The pandemic has made remote work a regular option for many people. But if working from home becomes claustrophobic, at Sunnyside Village, residents can take advantage of the 3,000 square foot common house. This includes a dedicated “work-from-home” space with desks, monitors, printers, and excellent connectivity.

After a long day of work, meals and yard maintenance can be another chore. With the shared meal program, three nights a week, the burden is removed, and residents can relax with dinner prepared by the community. And as part of a community that shares land and resources, taking care of the common spaces is done together, as part of the community effort.

Benefits of Sunnyside Village for families

Sunnyside Village will be a supportive space for children and parents. Because neighbors intentionally know and interact with each other, parents can see that their child will be watched and cared for throughout the community. A kids’ room in the common house is available for indoor playtime. The extra eyes will give parents peace of mind and give children greater independence and autonomy.

The world will be ready to explore right outside the door. Families can enjoy growing and picking fresh vegetables and fruits in the common garden and orchard. Paved paths for trikes and bikes are away from busy streets. There is an adjacent ten-acre wood for exploring.  And don’t forget the common meal program!

Benefits of Sunnyside Village for seniors or solos

Social isolation can become a factor with aging. At Sunnyside Village, seniors and solos are surrounded by opportunities to connect. Neighbors will be friends, and friends will be neighbors. By working together, residents contribute to the community and form social and emotional connections. There is always someone who will check if a member is ill or absent, reassuring distant family members.

The cottages at Sunnyside are all designed with aging in place in mind. The main level of all homes is designed with a full living space and wheelchair accessibility. Pathways are suitable for walkers or wheelchairs. The common house will be ADA compliant.

Green benefits of Sunnyside Village

As a cohousing community, Sunnyside Village is committed to taking steps to lessen the impact on the community. Parking will be centralized so that traffic and roads are away from the homes for better air quality. Sharing resources means only one lawnmower is needed rather than 32 mowers. All the professionals on the project are committed to offering cost-effective green choices in construction and finishing materials.

How to connect with Sunnyside Village

If you would like to know more about living in a vital, committed, connected community, visit sunnysidevillagecohousing.com.

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