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Home is Where the Art Is

Create an art collection that brings you joy.

Presented by Northwest Framing 21 April 29, 2022

The Walker’s art collection holds deep meaning for them as each piece was selected to capture a feeling or memory.

For local Portlanders Jim and Kelli Walker, art has been an important part of building their home together.

“I do feel like an art collector, and I’m stunned by the pieces I have. Each piece brings me so much happiness,” Jim said.

“An art piece is not complete until it's framed and framed well. We have been collecting for many years,” Kelli said. “A perfect frame highlights the art and really makes it stand out.”

The Walkers have over 60 art pieces framed with Northwest Framing and have been working with colleagues at the Raleigh Hills Beard’s shop for 15 years.

The frame around the flowers in “Vermilion Rapsody” act as a window to allow the viewer to experience each eye-popping color.


“You notice new details in your art when the colors in the frames and mats are brought out in a perfectly designed piece,” Jim added. “Northwest Framing are artists with impeccable taste. As a former contractor who worked with interior designers, I knew immediately Northwest framing understood presentation and design. They are the best.”

Jim’s love of color and contrast In “My Heart Will Go On,” adds a modern twist to some of their other more elegant pieces.    

One of Walker’s pieces “Vermilion Rapsody,” a serigraph by HarmstonArts hangs near direct light, so the frame has a golden glow when the sun passes over it. These orange flowers look so alive with the brick red mat and gold frame.

“In terms of being a collector, I love bold colors like this oil and cement painting ‘My Heart Will Go On,’ by Dontella Marrionni. The frame makes it look like a museum piece.”

For individuals who have the art of great emotional and monetary value, framing can be perceived as a stressful situation. Developing a relationship with a framer you can trust is important.

“The first attempt of framing people may want a basic and cheap frame job,” Jim said. “In partnership with Northwest Framing, we created statement pieces we love of the highest quality.”

“When you have superior mats and frames and spend the money on museum glass, art is presented in its optimal state. You have the assurance it will last,” Jim said.

Kelli Walker’s art is also among the framed pieces in their home that gives them so much pride and joy.

Jim's wife Kelli created this small collage piece. The two frames from the Anvil line give the look of aged steel worn by time and the elements. The rustic mood of the frames and red mat highlight the gritty graffiti.

Developing an art collection can be started at any time and should be a personal experience. Whether it’s printing art on paper, metal, or canvas, or custom framing original pieces, choose art that simply brings you joy.

Visit a Northwest Framing shop for handcrafted custom framing, digital printing, curated art, and photo frames.

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