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Seattle Restaurant Week Returns April 3rd-16th!

With more flexible menu options and new pricing tiers, diners have more to explore than ever.

Presented by Seattle Restaurant Week March 31, 2022

While many changes have been made to the structure of Seattle Restaurant Week in order to create a more diverse selection of menu offerings throughout the region, diners can still expect to find the familiar, beloved restaurants alongside new and exciting additions to the roster of eateries and bars they can visit. Now that participating eateries are no longer limited to only offering 3 courses for $35, there is room for a truer representation of the food that Seattle has to offer with wonderful experiences at every pricing tier: $20, $35, $50, and/or $65. 

A warming Khachapuri boat from Skalka makes for the perfect breakfast.

Image: Matt McDonald

If you haven't had the chance to enjoy a Khachapuri bread boat, try ordering takeout or delivery from Skalka for one of the most comforting meals offered in Seattle. Skalka makes their Khachapuri from scratch, using only fresh ingredients. You can choose from a variety of fillings: stroganoff, chicken, lobani (red beans & bacon!), veggie, or the classic Adjaruli— fresh cheese, grass-fed butter, and an optional organic egg. Georgian food is the unsung hero for Seattle's cold, wet mornings. Downtown Seattle. Lunch $20, Dinner $20/$50.

It doesn’t get more classic in Seattle than a visit to El Gaucho.

Image: El Gaucho

Would Seattle be Seattle without El Gaucho? Never. Offering old-school tableside service for the last 25 years, El Gaucho sets the standard for the quintessential steakhouse experience. Treat yourself by slipping into their dimly lit space for a beautiful steak and some of the best seafood to be found in the PNW. AQUA by El Gaucho offers one of the very best views in all of Seattle, nestled in Pier 70 with a sweeping vista of the Sound. While exploring their menu, you will be able to look across Elliot Bay toward the Olympic Mountains, and over to Mt. Rainier and the Space Needle. Seattle, Bellevue. Dinner $65. 

WildFin Chef Chris at Willy Green Organic Farms.

Image: Chris Bryant

Though the name Seattle Restaurant Week would suggest one would have to come into the city to join the fun, there are many enticing options throughout the region that should not be missed. Chefs Chris and Peter at WildFin in Issaquah have dedicated themselves to creating menus that are rooted in organic and sustainable ingredient sourcing. They offer some of the best meat, seafood, and produce that can be found in our area. Dedication to sustainability and high-quality ingredients doesn’t have to be formal, WildFin is a neighborhood restaurant where you can gather with friends and family for a fun, casual meal. Issaquah, Renton. Lunch $20, Dinner $50.

Champagne and a beautiful view from The Nest

Image: Steven Dobbs

There is no experience quite like what you’ll find visiting the team at The Nest and Conversation Kitchen & Bar in the Thompson Hotel. Executive Chef Kaleena Bliss brings a famously thoughtful approach to her menus and incorporates her passion for the outdoors into her cooking. With locally foraged mushrooms, sustainably caught wild seafood, and small farm-raised meats, diners can get a true sense of the bounty of the Pacific Northwest. The Nest, boldly set on the 12th floor with indoor and outdoor seating, offers beautifully balanced classic and modern cocktails. The drinks and playful bar snacks are matched in their excellence with a view from any seat at the bar. Downtown Seattle. Dinner is $50.

Sweet treat crème brûlée from Suite Restaurant/Lounge.

Image: Allen Wong

Have you ever sipped cocktails with your friends as aerial performances carried on overhead? Would you like to shake the doldrums out of your bones and feel like a VIP in a lush room filled with 8-400 of your friends for a private party? Look no further than Suite Restaurant/Lounge. With resident DJs and a wide menu of small plates and hearty fare, wine, and cheeky cocktails, there is something for everyone looking to unwind and have a little fun. Bellevue. Dinner is $35/$50.

It is truly difficult to feel grey in Seattle while enjoying Tom Douglas’s chowder with goldfish crackers at Seatown Rub Shack & Fishfry.

Tom Douglas is synonymous with the Pacific Northwest and comfort food. If you’re stopping in for a cocktail and a bite before catching a show at the Paramount Theater,  hop across the street and duck into the luxurious, ambient lighting of the Carlile Room. Need to put your feet up and sample some of the fresh fish thrown around Pike Place Market? Head to the north end of the Market to Seatown Rub Shack & Fishfry for a casual vibe and the freshest catches of the region’s crabs, oysters, and fish. Downtown Seattle. Lunch $20, Dinner $35, $50. 

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