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From The Space Needle to Canlis

SDC’s Inspired Design is the Essential Podcast Guide To Seattle’s Iconic People and Spaces.

Presented by Seattle Design Center January 11, 2022

Seattle is a work of art in its own right. From the amethyst sidewalks of Pioneer Square to the Fremont Troll, the Emerald City is a world-famous center for fashion, architecture and design. It’s no surprise that a city blessed with such natural beauty inspires boundless creativity, and attracts some of the brightest luminaries in every field. Created by the Seattle Design Center, the PNW's hub for luxury interior design, Inspired Design is a podcast series that invites listeners to intimate conversations with these visionaries and discovers the stories behind the people and spaces that make Seattle iconic.

Inspired Design is the product of SDC’s commitment to excellence in all fields of design, and their unique understanding of how spaces can influence and inspire us. Produced by Larj Media, and helmed by host Gina Colucci, each episode of Inspired Design draws the listener into a fascinating discussion with a PNW creator in a space that has special meaning to the episode’s guest. A recent episode takes you to the kitchen of Seattle’s legendary Canlis restaurant, where the new executive chef, Aisha Ibrahim, is pioneering recipes that explore local Northwest ingredients. Colucci is an insightful host that effortlessly guides listeners through the conversation, where they learn exactly what makes Canlis an unforgettable dining experience. Inspired Design is the guide to Seattle that locals, transplants, and visitors can all use to make a deeper connection to the city's exquisite details. Anyone looking to learn more about Seattle’s cultural history look no further than the inaugural episode, featuring the architect responsible for the Space Needle redesign, Alan Maskin of the award-winning firm, Olson-Kundig. Listeners are invited to a conversation on the observation deck of the quintessential Seattle landmark, where Maskin elucidates the choices made in every aspect of the world famous design.

In addition to introducing listeners a new perspective on some of Seattle’s legendary public places, Inspired Design takes you into the private spaces of some of the PNW’s foremost creatives. Listeners are given the privilege of stepping into the home kitchen of Tom Douglas, the juggernaut of the Seattle culinary scene. Colucci treats listeners to a fascinating exploration of the chef’s personalized kitchen, and listeners leave feeling as though they have and gleaned an insight into the mind of one of Seattle’s most famous culinary masters. Anyone with an interest in fashion will find plenty to love when SDC and Colucci invite them to the studio of Fashion Designer Luly Yang. Another Seattle staple, Yang has designed clothes for almost everyone, from the runways of Europe to the elegant Alaska Airlines uniforms. As they look over the water, Yang and Colucci discuss what makes Seattle fashion unique, Yang’s design philosophy, and her unique creative process. At the end of every episode of Inspired Design, listeners feel the same bittersweetness of leaving the home of a new friend.

Inspired Design is in the midst of its second season, with previous episodes taking place at 8th Generation’s Pike Place store front, Uwajimaya Market, the NAAM and other Seattle favorites that reflect the city’s diversity. An upcoming third season will primarily highlight interior design, and Seattle Design Center’s unchallenged expertise in that arena ensures that Inspired Design will continue being the essential guide to all the things that make Seattle a captivating cultural city. In a time when it seems that Seattle can get a bad rap, Inspired Design proves that Seattle is filled with talented, empathetic people, who are leading their fields to exciting horizons. Listen now on the Seattle Design Center website, through the Inspired Design newsletter, or your favorite podcast app.