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Seattle Met & Flyhomes Bring Hope to a Hectic Housing Market

Flyhomes answers questions and gets real about real estate.

Presented by Flyhomes By Victoria Vidal December 28, 2021

As homeowners compete in an impossible market, Flyhomes offers a ray of hope.


In their virtual event, now visible on YouTube, the experts from Flyhomes discussed their Buy First, Sell Later program and other tips to help buyers successfully purchase their dream homes – even during a buying frenzy. How do they do it? 


Flyhomes eliminates logistical challenges and applies equity to a new home with their Buy Before You Sell program. This translates to a bigger homebuying budget backed by guaranteed funds that close in as few as ten days. And because you can buy first, you only have to move once. They also back your purchase with a 1-year guarantee that says if you don’t love your home, they’ll clean, stage, photograph, market, list, and sell it for free. 


Watch the event recap to learn more!


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