Lummi Island Wild delivers the highest-quality sustainable salmon from the Pacific Northwest straight to your doorstep. Now, the local solar powered fishery is making superior quality seafood delivery a hands-off experience with their monthly seafood subscription boxes. Fish arrives frozen fresh in easy recipe-ready portions. Order your Lummi Yummi monthly seafood subscription box or give one Yummi Box as a gift to a friend or loved one!

Food & Wine Magazine named Lummi Island Wild as one of the best places to buy seafood online.

So… why are home chefs so excited about their wild salmon and seafood delivery? Flavor in salmon is directly related to the fat and omega 3 content, and to how a fish is handled. Lummi Island Wild is known for its flagship reefnet fishery, where they catch Fraser River-bound Sockeye with a fat content nearly double that of other salmon. Each salmon is individually handled and immediately flash frozen to protect the flavor, freshness and texture.

Sign up for their newsletter here and receive 10% off your first single order of Lummi Island Wild sustainable seafood. Their email is the best way to learn about where your fish comes from and to find out what is fresh off the boat, what is definitely going to sell out, and receive email-only special offers and coupons.

Lummi Island Wild’s salmon, halibut and cod taste incredible, but they’re also good for you - they flash-freeze their fish as soon as they come out of the water to preserve freshness and omega 3’s. Local PNW fishers catch fish at the peak of flavor, when fat stores are at their highest to help make their journey upriver. Luckily for all of us, high oil content in salmon translates to high, healthy omega 3 content.

The Lummi Island Wild reef net fishery is recognized as one of the most sustainable fisheries on the earth, harnessing solar power and green-focused technology.  When you chat with someone at the Lummi Island Wild Office, you’re probably talking to one of the people who catch your fish.

“If your seafood company doesn’t have a boat, there may be a problem…” says fisherman and LIW President Ian Kirouac.

The Lummi Island Wild mission is to promote the respectful and responsible harvesting of wild salmon while protecting the environment for future generations of fish and people. They partner with local indigenous fishing communities and state fishers, from the Salish Sea to Alaska, to bring you the absolute highest-quality and best-tasting seafood available. 


“We are fully convinced that (Lummi Island Wild’s) sustainable approach cast a wide net of benefits: Tastier, more nutritious foods…” -The Huffington Post

“…it’s the most eco-friendly way to fish. All by-catch is released by hand and it yields far superior tasting fish.” – Sunset Magazine

Lummi Island Wild delivers wild salmon and seafood in recipe-ready portions that arrive frozen for easy meal prep. All orders over $99 ship for FREE! Your PNW wild salmon and seafood delivery will be frozen, vacuum-sealed, and packaged with dry ice.

They are now offering a limited number of new monthly seafood subscription boxes, called “Lummi Yummi,” to help you make an easy commitment to your health and the environment. They will help you ensure that you always have the freshest wild sustainable salmon, halibut, and cod in your freezer.

Sign up for the Lummi Yummi Subscription box and receive a monthly delivery of wild-caught, truly sustainable Lummi Island Wild salmon, halibut, tuna, and cod.  Each box is hand-curated by fishers who know how to pick the best cuts to suit your needs.  Choose between The Wild Salmon Box or The Wild Combo Box.

The Lummi Yummi Seafood Subscription Box is perfect for people who are:

  • Lovers of Salmon and superior quality fish
  • Looking to include more fish in your diet
  • Trying to cut out red meat
  • Limit Grocery Store Shopping Trips
  • Attempting to eat more sustainably
  • Making a commitment to your health
  • Adding Omega3’s to your diet
  • PNW Foodies and Pescatarians

Starting your Lummi Yummi seafood subscription box is easy! Once you sign up, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the recurring delivery to arrive at your door. Order your Lummi Yummi box today!


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