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We've All Got to Eat

The United Way of King County is committed to a just recovery.

Presented by United Way November 24, 2021

There are many unknowns as we near the two-year mark of the coronavirus pandemic. While COVID-19 has sickened both the rich and poor, when it comes to food, the commonality ends right there.

"Creative parenting shouldn't include looking around your house to decide what to sell so you can buy food for your kids"

The fact is, it's much harder for some in our community to get food than for others.

It's our friends and neighbors with less access, less money and fewer resources— in our very own communities—who are facing a hunger crisis each and every day.

This month and next, when you make a Change Maker-level donation to United Way, your neighbors will not only receive their groceries through our food delivery program, but also a fun food-filled Black Box provided by The Ally League.

These delicious treats, like candied pecans and chocolate dipped pretzels, are from local Black-owned businesses; we’ll put yours in the mail and a family will receive theirs in our weekly grocery delivery. 

Black Box supports a network of businesses who face obstacles because of a system that isn't yet built to foster their success. Black entrepreneurs and those from other underrepresented communities still face an uphill battle to achieve market success compared to other businesses.

This United Way Change Maker incentive is twofold: it supports a network of Black-owned businesses and offers a family in need a little something special with their weekly groceries.

Your neighbors are hungry.

They cannot afford to wait.

Donate by Dec. 22 to become a Change Maker today at uwkc.org/donate and enter “SeattleMet” in the comments to receive your box and have one delivered to a family in our food delivery program.



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