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Ellenos Greek Yogurt

The best local ingredients, and a perfect family recipe.

Presented by Ellenos Greek Yogurt November 14, 2021

Ellenos makes yogurt using their family’s traditional Greek recipe and a five-day straining process that’s been perfected over generations. Each batch starts with fresh, rBST-free milk that is sourced directly from a single local farm, and fruit purees that are made in-house from whole food ingredients! Ellenos Greek Yogurt has recently expanded their grocery offerings in over forty states across the country!

If you already know about Seattle-favorite yogurt company Ellenos, it’s probably because you’ve tasted their super thick Greek yogurt topped with things like handmade fruit purees, cookie crumbles, and fresh local berries. You may have even visited one of their scoop shops, where they serve their yogurt from gelato cases imported from Italy. For those who haven’t tried it yet, all we can really say is that it’s not regular yogurt. It’s the type of yogurt you hide in the back of the fridge, refuse to share with your partner, and indulge in for dessert. 

But what is it that makes Ellenos so great? Well, it starts with the best local ingredients like fresh, rBST-free milk from a local family dairy here in Washington. Next, it’s the family recipe that’s been passed down and perfected by the Apostolopoulos family over several generations, not to mention their family secret blend of not just one, but three yogurt cultures. Last but not least, Ellenos makes their fruit purees and pie fillings in-house from scratch, so whether it’s marionberry puree or key lime curd, each batch is just as lovingly and carefully made as the yogurt itself.

Like many notable food and beverage brands before them, Ellenos opened their first fresh-scooped yogurt shop here in Seattle at Pike Place Market, right on the corner of Pike Street and Pike Place. In the early days, they may have gotten some funny looks when they tried to explain to people that they were, in fact, serving fresh yogurt and not gelato or ice cream. However, as they continued to make and share their traditional Greek yogurt, more and more Seattleites gave their dessert-worthy yogurt a try, turning it into one of the most popular stands in the iconic market, and one of the best-selling yogurt brands in Seattle grocery stores…and also earning it the designation: The yogurt that makes ice cream jealous.

Ellenos also has a scoop shop in Georgetown (fun fact: it used to be the original factory!) and they have recently expanded their grocery offerings in over forty states across the country! To find Ellenos in a store near you and try it for yourself, visit: ellenos.com/our-locations.

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