Meet tentree.

An Earth-first apparel brand that plants ten trees for every piece of clothing sold. They plant trees because it’s one of the best ways to create a more sustainable future. 

Since the beginning, everything they do has stemmed from how they can do better by the planet, and they’re firm believers that big change starts small. Small as in bringing a reusable tote to the grocery store, getting a coffee refilled in a thermos, and choosing to wear sustainably made clothing. 

They know that these small choices add up (they’ve done the math), and by planting ten trees for every purchase, they hope to make big change accessible to everybody and show the lasting impact that one small choice can have.

For customers who have never considered the impact their clothing has on the planet, here are a few ways they can make a difference when they shop tentree’s eco-friendly and sustainable essentials.

tentree Cloud Shell Packable Puffers made from 33 recycled water bottles.

tentree Plants Ten Trees

The most notable thing about shopping with tentree is that they plant ten trees for each item purchased. So far, they’ve planted over 65 million and are on a mission to plant 1 billion by 2030. 

Trees do something called ‘carbon sequestration’; it’s their way of cleaning the air, and eliminating harmful elements from the earth. Tree planting also helps create other positive impacts for the earth like conserving water and biodiversity, supporting vulnerable communities around the world, and ensuring food security. 

tentree planting site in Haiti.

By planting ten trees for each item purchased, tentree has removed millions of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere and put the power to make a big change in their customers’ hands. Through their digital portal called the Impact Wallet, customers can see where their trees are planted in the world and learn about the communities they’re uplifting. 

tentree Uses Sustainable Materials 

Not only are customers helping reforest the planet with every item purchased, they’re purchasing sustainable essentials that are made with the smallest environmental footprint and the comfiest, most sustainable materials. tentree takes pride in finding better, healthier, and more eco-progressive solutions for their customers. 

As a Climate Neutral company, it’s important that they work to reduce the three big factors of environmental impact for each product they manufacture: water, waste, and carbon emissions. By examining each area and opting for materials and practices that have the smallest environmental footprint, customers can feel confident that they’re buying not just what’s best for them, but what’s best for the planet, too. Whether it's eco-friendly underwear, sustainable outerwear, or the layers in between, tentree has their customers covered. 

tentree French Terry collection made from recycled polyester and organic cotton.  

tentree Supports Ethical Manufacturing Practices 

Each and every one of their products is made in a safe and respectful work environment. As a certified B Corporation, they hold their production facilities to the highest ethical labour standards. tentree’s partner factories are regularly audited to ensure compliance with the tentree Code of Conduct and international labour standards. They also make sure that workers are properly compensated with living wages, (not just minimum wages) ensuring proper rest days and access to essential insurance coverage.

tentree Puts The Planet First

tentree is working to show what a planet-first business can look like. One that gives back creates ethical and sustainable products, offsets all emissions, and sits in the top 10% of B Corps globally. Their journey as an Earth-First company has only just begun, and a lot more work lies ahead as they work to become even more sustainable. But big change starts small, and customers’ mindful decision to shop with tentree is a step towards this brighter and more sustainable future.

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