Who doesn’t relish a fast food burger now and then? Lil Woody's pays homage to a few of America’s most iconic sandwiches during Fast Food Month.

Starting Tuesday, November 2, Lil Woody’s features their delicious take on well-known chain burgers that will each be available for one week only. The burgers highlight Lil Woody’s signature ingredients: Painted Hills Grass Fed Beef, Hills Bacon and house made queso.

Get them while they’re hot at all locations, via online ordering, and through Fast Food Month delivery partner, DoorDash.

The Fast Food line-up:


November 2-8 | Woody’s Baconator

Mayo, Two Slices American Cheese, Double Hills Bacon, Two- 1/4lb Painted Hills Grass Fed Beef 







November 9-15 | Sourdough Woody

Mayo, Ketchup, Sliced Tomatoes, Hills Bacon, Swiss Cheese, 1/3lb Painted Hills Grass Fed Beef- All on a Sourdough Sliced Round






Add: Curly Fries or Side of Curly Fries








November 16-22| Lil Big Mac
Lil Woody’s Fry Sauce, Dill Pickles, Diced Onion, Shredded Lettuce, Two Slices American Cheese, Two 1/4 lb. Painted Hills Grass Fed Beef on a Center Cut Sesame Seed Bun





November 23-29| Lil Crunch Wrap

Chipotle Mayo, Shredded Lettuce, Pico de Gallo, Tostada, Lil Woody's House-Made Queso, 1/3lb Painted Hills Grass Fed Beef.  All wrapped up in a tortilla and grilled 




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