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Get Reacquainted with your Skin

Dr. Eric Sorensen’s comprehensive dermatologic knowledge facilitates life-changing relief and peace of mind at The Polyclinic Northgate Plaza.

Presented by Polyclinic By Ben McBee July 27, 2021

For being the most visible and accessible part of the body, skin sure can leave people with a lot of questions. Why do I keep getting pimples on my face? Is this growth cancerous? Am I allergic to my dog? Although there are several things anyone can do to help support better skin health, such as wearing sunscreen, moisturizing, or taking the right vitamins, nothing is more important than the guidance of a capable dermatologist. 

At The Polyclinic Northgate Plaza, Dr. Eric Sorensen provides extensive expertise to his adult patients, offering skilled medical and surgical care across a wide range of health issues. “I perform skin cancer screening, and treat many skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, hidradenitis suppurativa, skin allergies, medication reactions, autoimmune conditions, and blistering rashes,” he says. “I also perform cutaneous surgery for various benign and cancerous skin growths.”

When he joined the medical group a year ago, Sorensen brought with him an education diverse not only medically, but geographically as well. Originally from Massachusetts, he attended med school at the University of California San Diego, completed an internship at the University of Hawaii, and finished his residency at Washington University in St. Louis, before settling in Seattle. He adds, “I was drawn here by the variety of outdoor activities the area offers and the vibrant city.” 

Collaboration is key at Sorensen’s practice, and he works purposefully to develop personalized treatment plans that optimize each patient’s outcome. By listening to their unique perspective and goals, Sorensen cultivates successful patient-physician relationships, creating a welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds. “I chose dermatology because I found joy in visual diagnosis and the procedures we perform,” he explains. “We also have an impressive field of research and development in medications like the biologics that are transforming the lives of our patients.”

For many, the treatment Sorensen administers is incredibly impactful, and on occasion, it can be life saving too. Skin cancer is the most common variety of the debilitating disease worldwide, and in the United States, one in five will develop it by the age of 70. It’s vital for people to monitor different spots, freckles, and moles on their bodies, but visiting a dermatologist like Sorensen is the only surefire way to know whether or not additional action is needed. His routine skin checks can give invaluable peace of mind. Patients suffering with psoriasis or eczema will be in search of similar relief, and under his care, they can take the first steps toward losing the pain and regaining confidence. 

Outside of the office, Sorensen enjoys hiking and backpacking, and those adventures in nature help him stay balanced and grounded. As does drawing, painting portraits, and visiting art museums; by cultivating his artistic, creative side, Sorensen keeps fresh and inspired, and is a better doctor for it. 

Right now, Dr. Sorensen is accepting new adult patients from around North Seattle. To schedule an appointment or get more information about his services, visit polyclinic.com/eric-sorensen.