Over the past decade, there’s been a noticeable shift in the jewelry industry, leading shoppers to expect more from brands when it comes to sustainability and the environmental impact they make. As a result, people are starting to make significant changes to their lifestyles by shopping more responsibly — a trend that has directly led to the improved quality of life for many of the mining communities involved in the jewelry supply chain.

This positive impact is just one of the many reasons why Kaining Wang was inspired to establish HanJi Jewelry.

“Each piece of jewelry goes through a long journey, starting out as raw materials that eventually transform into a finished product — but not without the help of many individuals. There’s much work to be done and everyone involved should be rewarded for the sweat and heart they put into creating an object with such powerful meaning.”

~ Kaining Wang, Co-founder of HanJi Jewelry

By choosing to view their designs as more than just a fashion statement, HanJi Jewelry is changing the way people think about and wear jewelry. Each jewelry piece is meant to evoke a special meaning to the individual wearer while simultaneously showcasing the design’s exceptional craftsmanship and giving credit where it is due.

Ethically-Sourced Materials

Many of HanJi’s designs include ethical materials like the 14K yellow gold earrings pictured below that were crafted using conflict-free 1.20mm diamonds and a pair of 3mm center rubies. Eternity Earrings, Love Eternity Collection, hanjijewelry.com/love-eternity

Custom Orders

HanJi Jewelry even offers customers the opportunity to bring their own custom designs to life after they fill out a short survey including all order specifications. Here’s a look at a custom set of 14K yellow gold earrings that were recently crafted using 6mm rubies. Custom Heart Earrings, hanjijewelry.com/customize-survey/. 

Timeless Designs

The designers at HanJi love taking inspiration from unexpected sources as you can see represented in these earrings from their Kaleido Collection pictured below, which were inspired by kaleidoscopes, origami, and nature. Bouquet Earrings, Kaleido Collection, hanjijewelry.com/kaleido/.

 “It takes the collective effort of governments, businesses, and consumers to achieve a standard of fair treatment for each individual involved in the jewelry market. As an ethically-conscientious company, we are proud to be making our best effort to encourage others to make more sustainable choices while showing transparency in our industry. We appreciate our customers who support us in these efforts and look forward to the ongoing positive impacts we can achieve together.”

To learn more about HanJi Jewelry, you can visit their website at hanjijewelry.com or follow them on social media. For more specific inquiries, please email [email protected].