With the end of winter still weeks away, Seattle Cocktail Club is transporting its members and the public to a “mentally I’m here” paradise with an evening of tropical gin cocktails and a dash of history.

Gin and cocktails have been close bedfellows throughout history, from the early days of gin punch to the current golden age of the cocktail. Seattle Cocktail Club has tapped Chris Elford, co-owner of the award-winning Navy Strength, to examine gin’s relationship to classic cocktails. The hands-on virtual class will lead participants through three tropical takes on classic cocktails, each featuring Fords Gin: Gimlet with Riesling-lime cordial, a coconut-oil washed Martini, and a Gin Sling with galangal, apricot and Thai chile. Don’t worry they are easy as much as they are tasty!

Going down on Monday, February 23 at 6:30 p.m., at-home bartenders of all experience levels may purchase a kit through Seattle Cocktail Club for $59. For more information and to purchase a ticket/cocktail kit, click here