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The Vote Starts With You

Reliable and accurate information straight from the source.

Presented by Office of the Secretary of State October 23, 2020

Voters can find more elections and voting information at sos.wa.gov/elections

Washington state has been recognized as a national leader on accessible, secure, and fair elections. In fact, Brookings Institute recently named Washington the highest ranking state in their state-by-state voting by mail scorecard on ease of mail-in voting.

In our state, voters…

  • Are automatically mailed a ballot at least 18 days before Election Day, Nov. 3;
  • May return their ballot by mail – no stamp required – or use one of the more than 500 ballot drop boxes statewide;
  • May log in to VoteWA.gov to track the status of their ballot and print a replacement ballot if needed; and
  • Much more.

Free and open access to the ballot doesn’t stop there. Any eligible Washington citizen can visit a county elections office or voting center during business hours and through 8 p.m. Election Day to register to vote, obtain a ballot, and return it. Assistive voting units and other services are also available.

Bottom line: Voting in Washington is safe and simple. And if you’re already registered and have received your ballot, it requires no in-person contact.


If you haven’t voted yet, return your ballot today. Mark your ballot, place it in the provided secrecy sleeve or envelope, and seal it in the postage-paid return envelope. Be sure to sign and date the outer envelope before placing it in an official drop box or the U.S. mail. If returning by mail, just be sure it’s postmarked by Election Day, Nov. 3.

With more than 500 ballot drop boxes throughout the state, voters have multiple return options. To find a drop box near you, log in to VoteWA.gov, or find all locations statewide on Google Maps. Drop boxes are available daily and close promptly at 8 p.m. election night.

If you’re not registered to vote yet, there’s still time! All you have to do is visit a county elections office or voting center. Locations are available on the Office of the Secretary of State website and are open during normal business hours and through 8 p.m. Nov. 3. Be sure to bring a mask, your Washington state driver’s license, ID, or other valid form of identification, and follow health and safety guidelines. The deadline to register in person and vote in the General Election is 8 p.m. Nov. 3. The same applies if you need to update your registration in case you’ve moved or changed your name.

But there’s no need to wait until Election Day. Register and vote today!

Now that you’ve voted, help your family, friends, and community by sharing accurate and reliable elections and voting information.

The Office of the Secretary of State’s website and official social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) offer important, accurate, and timely election information voters can rely on. No opinion, hype, or hyperbole, just the facts, with lots of election resources including a vote-by-mail FAQ, important dates and deadlines, online voters’ pamphlet and voter guide, and more.

County elections offices have their own websites and social media accounts to help you stay on top of local election resources and developments. Also, secretaries of state across the country are participating in #TrustedInfo2020, a national effort to put election officials front and center as reliable sources of election information.

Remember, the 2020 General Election is Nov. 3. There’s no need to wait until Election Day to register and vote. Join the more than 4.8 million registered voters statewide and exercise your right to vote today. Make your voice heard, then empower others to do the same.