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Doctors You Can Depend On

Pacific Medical Centers (PacMed) is excited to welcome four new physicians to the team.

Presented by Pacific Medical Centers By Ben McBee October 19, 2020

This year, people’s health and that of their loved ones top a long list of concerns. It’s always been important to have a doctor you can trust to keep you safe and living your best life, but between the pandemic and growing uncertainty about the future, finding a capable practitioner has become even more vital.

PacMed knows that offering high-quality care to its patients, especially during these tough times, means bringing the best of the best providers into the fold. Now, the medical group is proud to announce the addition of four new doctors to its primary care team. These brilliant women are already demonstrating their leadership by raising the bar on patient communication and utilizing the newest technologies to adapt to our new normal.

Danyelle Thomas, MD, MPH
Family Medicine, PacMed Beacon Hill (all ages)

“Unlike many physicians, I did not dream of this career as a child,” Dr. Thomas explains. “I was inspired to pursue medicine due to the significant medical disparities that face minority populations.” With two degrees in medicine and public health, she works with children, adolescents, and maternity patients, while also applying her expertise to improve community health and engagement. And even though many doctor visits are virtual at the moment, Dr. Thomas’s honesty and compassion continue to resonate and reach more people in need. “Telehealth has been a wonderful addition to my practice, allowing me to connect with patients that might not be able to physically come in,” she says. “It has improved access to care.”

Miriam T. Kennelly, MD
Internal Medicine, PacMed First Hill (adults, 18 and older)

As someone who went to medical school and was raised in Seattle, Dr. Kennelly is certainly in her happy place. “I enjoy building long-lasting relationships with patients and helping them achieve their health goals,” she says. “I love being in a field where I am constantly learning and collaborating with other health care professionals. I also value giving back to the community that I grew up in.” When she joined PacMed in September, Dr. Kennelly quickly established her know-how in care for veterans, women’s health, chronic disease management, and LGBTQI health, among other areas of interest. Says Dr. Kennelly, “During Covid-19, I have been talking more with my patients about how our mental health and physical health are so closely connected, and how it is important to invest in both to improve our overall well-being.”

Lesley E. King, MD
Internal Medicine, PacMed Beacon Hill (adults, 18 and older)

For Dr. King, practicing medicine is a combination of two things she truly loves—people and science. “It is such an amazing, interesting, and often times fun experience to get to know my patients, hear their stories, and learn what makes them tick—and then to use the fascinating medicine and science we know to help them live the life they want to live,” she says. Coming up on her one-year anniversary at PacMed, Dr. King says, “In a time when health care is changing rapidly and oftentimes subject to financial and corporate pressures, it is great to be part of an organization that truly seems to want to put patients first, ahead of everything else.” That kind of supportive environment enables her to focus on treatments that positively impact her patients, such as preventive medicine, substance use and cessation, and chronic disease management.

Madolyn H. Krengel, MD
Internal Medicine, PacMed Northgate (adults, 18 and older)

Another Seattle native, Dr. Krengel has an innate understanding of the city and the people who make it special. “What I love most about medicine is that I can continue to ask questions, problem-solve, and learn about our ever-changing field, while working directly with patients,” she says. “It’s a great profession to care for the community, from symptoms to diagnosis to treatment.” With Dr. Krengel, it’s all about determining each patient’s individual priorities and then coming up with a medical program to fulfill those aims—a skill that lends itself well to all of her areas of interest, including family planning and caring for aging patients. “As a primary care physician, I view myself as your quarterback in navigating your needs and care, and connecting you to specialty care, when appropriate,” explains Dr. Krengel.


Pacific Medical Centers (PacMed) is offering in-person and virtual visits via a secure Zoom platform. To schedule an appointment, visit PacMed.org/Schedule.

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