A beloved Seattle favorite returns to grocery stores this fall.

Born in Pike Place Market in 2013, Ellenos is best-known for their traditional Greek yogurt topped with made-from-scratch fruit purees. In the fall, they’re best known for their Pumpkin Pie flavor. Whether it’s the scoop bar version, topped with actual chunks of pumpkin pie, or the grocery store version with homemade pumpkin pie filling and a crumble topper, Seattleites wait all year for the perennial fan favorite … but it almost never happened.

The scoop bar version, topped with actual chunks of pumpkin pie

Our first fall after moving to the US, we were totally caught off guard by all of the pumpkin-flavored foods,” said Alex Apostolopoulos, Ellenos cofounder. “In Australia, pumpkin’s a squash: we use it for savory things, but never sweets. ‘Pumpkin spice’ isn’t really a thing.”

Five years later, it’s one of Ellenos’s best-selling flavors, and the one Seattleites look forward to every year. Find it in a store near you at ellenos.com/our-locations.

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