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Seattle Humane Calls on Rescue Squad for First-Ever Day of Giving

Nonprofit shelter launches community-powered fundraiser to reach $100,000 goal.

Presented by Seattle Humane July 6, 2020

Gray kitten


Seattle Humane is launching a community-powered fundraising celebration to raise $100,000 to increase the number of animals it serves in its fiscal year. The inaugural Day of Giving event on Friday, July 17, will culminate with amazing animal rescue stories, heartwarming videos, and many surprises for individual donors and fundraisers, lovingly referred to as Seattle Humane’s “Rescue Squad.”

Washington state’s largest nonprofit animal shelter plans to provide care for many deserving animals in a fiscal year that has been greatly impacted by a viral pandemic. Seattle Humane’s average cost of care for an animal is $570, which includes not only feeding and sheltering a pet, but also addressing their underlying medical needs and behavioral issues, so they are ready to go home with their new families.

Supporters will be able to participate in the first-ever Day of Giving in several ways, such as hosting a Facebook or Tiltify fundraiser. Businesses can hold a Shop-to-Support campaign, where they donate a portion of their sales to Seattle Humane. There are also multiple Day of Giving sponsorship options, and all fundraiser supporters will be recognized through pre-event communications.

Black puppy with new mom

Appealing to donors through amazing storytelling that highlights Seattle Humane’s mission of saving lives and completing families is at the heart of this event, whether it’s a first-time adopter recounting how they found their newest family member, or a pet owner talking about how they benefitted from one of the organization’s many community outreach programs.

Seattle Humane is focused on saving lives and connecting animals with people who will love and care for them as part of their family. That means providing comprehensive programs and resources to make sure pets who go to loving homes are able to stay there for life. These programs include veterinary medicine, public dog training classes, a pet resource center, outreach to those facing barriers to keeping their pets in their homes, behavioral training, foster, and life-saving rescue transfers.

“Seattle Humane has evolved beyond a basic shelter model over the last century to focus not just on adopting out animals, but also ensuring those pets are able to thrive in their new homes,” says Seattle Humane’s interim CEO, Paula Littlewood. “We are working on expanding our community medicine and other outreach programs that support those facing financial and other hardships, so they don’t have to make a difficult decision about keeping their pets. The best outcome for an animal is never entering the shelter system at all, and the next best outcome is only entering it once.”

Veterinarian holding a kitten in her arms

Seattle Humane was founded in 1897 to serve people and animals. By expanding its programs and services, as well as devoting time and care to ensuring the best possible outcome for animals in its care, the 501(c)3 nonprofit boasts a 98.8 percent Live Save Rate, which is one of the highest in the nation.

Find out how to get involved in Seattle Humane’s first-ever Day of Giving fundraising celebration by visiting seattlehumane.org/dayofgiving. Follow Seattle Humane on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for regular updates.

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