February 11- February 17| Eric Rivera {Addo}

Olympia, Washington native, Eric Rivera, started his career in business, but cooking prevailed as his passion. His journey includes cooking at Seastar and Blueacre Seafood while attending the culinary school at the Art Institute of Seattle. Later, he made his way to Chicago for a three-plus year stint at acclaimed restaurant Alinea, working alongside chef-owner Grant Achatz. Returning to Seattle, Eric worked for the Huxley Wallace Collective where he opened the Thompson Hotel Seattle and four restaurants in just one year.  Eric has his own restaurant group, Eric Rivera Cooks, A Restaurant Group, comprised of addo, SILVA, Lechoncito and DiVe.

Learn more about Eric at ericriveracooks.com.

Eric’s Burger: “Boricua Burger”

Ingredients: Two Picadillo Smash beef patties with Sazon seasoning, special sauce, plantain chips, stewed onions, Franz bun

Says Eric: “The inspiration behind my burger comes from being a Puerto Rican growing up in the Washington State. It gives me an opportunity to bring the flavors of my culture to the forefront and have people experience it for themselves.  The flavors are strong, full-flavored, and are sure to elicit a different response than a typical burger.  When I eat burgers, I want something memorable and to make sure it goes well with lots of sauce.”