It’s no wonder that Seth Rogen and David Chang hit the streets of Richmond in Netflix's Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner for flavor-packed dishes and unique cultural and culinary experiences: Richmond boasts more than 800 restaurants and cuisines that range from Cantonese to Indian. With a thriving Asian community—more than 70 percent of the city’s population claims Asian heritage—Richmond’s specialties include bubbling hot pot, savory noodle bowls, and steaming dumplings. Start digging in with this shortlist of dishes worth traveling for, comprised of our favorite picks throughout the city.

For Breakfast

Dim Sum at Empire Seafood Restaurant

This elegant Cantonese dim sum restaurant serves tender meat and succulent seafood stuffed in chewy buns, crunchy rolls, and delicate dumplings. Favorite dishes include Har Gao, a shrimp dumpling with thin skin made of tapioca starch pastry that yields juicy shrimp; while the Wu Gok, a taro dumpling, packs a punch of taro and duck in a crunchy, fried wrapping. End your meal with a savory Egg Yolk Bun—a fluffy bao bun that pulls apart to reveal a treasure trove of its custard yolky custard. 

For Lunch

Tempura-Battered Fish and Chips at Pajo’s

There’s no better place to settle in for a midday meal than Pajo’s, where lunchtime dining means relaxing on the restaurant’s sprawling deck while looking out at the water and boats docked nearby. Here, the fried tempura coating steals the show: Choose from thick cut cod, salmon, or halibut, battered and served with a pile of crispy fries. 

For Dinner

Côtelette de Porc at Origo Club

Part restaurant and part art gallery—often showcasing a variety of intricate tapestries, unique sculptures, and colorful paintings—Origo Club offers a new spin on fine dining. Peruse the gallery while you work up your appetite, then sit down to flavorful French dishes. The sophisticated menu includes foie gras, beef tartare, and our choice: the Côtelette de Porc, a tender but toothsome pork chop atop smashed herbed potatoes and cabbage, all drizzled with onion and mustard sauce.

Bonus Round

HK BBQ Master

Follow along David Chang and Seth Rogen’s path to this Cantonese BBQ joint, which is tucked in the underground parking garage of a department store. Once you’ve found this hole-in-the-wall spot, feast on Hong Kong-style honey BBQ pork, roasted duck with crispy skin, and Chinese melon soup. 

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