Who better to have designed your new home—the 439-foot-tall architectural wonder one block from Pike Place Market—than an award-winning architecture firm that’s located next door? The team at Hewitt intimately knows the Pike Place Market and waterfront neighborhood, and their familiarity has allowed them to design a stunning residential tower that offers unobstructed views and melds seamlessly with its downtown environment.

Situated on a 7,350-square-foot corner lot, The Emerald boasts an ingenious floor plan that expands up to 9,100 square feet as it rises. This elegant architectural expression results in a tall, slender tower that soars skyward over its neighbors in an angled, cantilever form with panoramic vistas of the water, mountains, and internationally recognized landmarks.

The podium of the tower takes its cues from its Market neighbor and proximity to the waterfront, creating a relationship between residents and the vibrant street life swirling beyond the building’s front door. The façade blends transparent, semi-reflective, and opaque glass, while the structure boasts materials like flame-textured granite and milky white-green channel glass to add a touch of grit that authentically complements the Market. On the third level, a terrace is capped with a Western red cedar soffit. Together these elements serve as a reflection of the Pacific Northwest sky, water, and natural beauty, now interpreted for contemporary living. One thing is certain if you call The Emerald home: You won’t be living in a typical shoebox tower.

After you’ve settled into your new home, it’s time to discover which spaces speak to you most. Will it be the third-floor amenity space, a rare urban gem? This open-air terrace—a first for a Seattle condominium—means impressive views of the Market that connect you to everyday life unfolding on the street below. “We were fortunate that the owner wanted the design to emphasize neighborhood connections,” Julia Nagele, director of architectural design at Hewitt, said. Nagele sees great benefit in her firm’s day-to-day knowledge of the neighborhood, especially when designing breathtaking spaces from the 1st to 40th floors. “The open-air terrace on the third floor is a favorite in our office.”

Then there’s the sensational 39th floor. “Throughout the course of design, we’ve imagined many different rooftop experiences,” said Nagele. For everyday enjoyment, you’ll want to head to The City View Room, where you can grill and socialize as you take in stunning 360-degree views, or what that Nagele calls “the ecosystem of things you see in a city that makes living here fun.”

Or will you fall in love with The Olympic Room, a space that’s intentionally “not overly programmed” and instead designed to showcase the power of the view? If you seek out a quiet haven in which to read or simply savor tranquil solitude, this might quickly become your happy place. In unique contrast with the stimulating downtown scene, this grand room is an oasis designed for residents to feel like they are floating 440 feet in the air, with a high ceiling that slopes upward and outward and double-tall windows that feature no moldings or sills and minimal glazing. “There’s nothing more than you and a one-inch glass window,” says Nagele. “It’s bigger than one person.”

On that note, Nagele sums up the true potential of this remarkable place: “When you’re in a space that’s bigger, you want to think bigger, too.” 

Sales begin in early 2019 from the $500,000s. To learn more about The Emerald’s exquisite accommodations and amenities, visit theemeraldseattle.com