Chef Line Up: 
February 5- February 11 | Stuart Lane {Artusi, Spinasse}

February 12- February 18| Mutsuko Soma {Kamonegi}

February 19- February 25 | Mitch Mayers {Sawyer}

February 26- March 4 | Melissa Miranda {Musang}

All Li’l Woody’s locations will feature a weekly burger from 4 notable chefs who offer their culinary spin on the beloved sandwich. These one-of-a-kind concoctions are not to be missed and you’ll definitely want to try each one!

After teaching English in Florence, Italy, Melissa returned stateside to her native Seattle with a culinary degree and six years of Italian cooking under her belt. It was during that experience that she established her philosophic foundation of food. She layers her Italian know-how at Jerry Corso’s Beacon Hill restaurant Bar del Corso with Musang pop-up dinners, where she melds her Italian views with the Filipino flavors of her childhood. Learn more about Melissa at

Melissa’s Sandwich: “The SARAP Sandwich”

Ingredients: Roasted pulled pork adobo, chicharrónes, radishes, fried garlic, patis salsa verde, Hawaiian bun