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The Gift of Great Sex

Two enterprising women in Seattle create a ground-breaking intimacy product

Presented by Vela Cannabis November 30, 2017

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Velvet Swing is a cannabis-infused lubricant developed by Mistress Matisse and Chelsea Cebara, two renowned sex educators in Seattle. Velvet Swing is available at Vela Cannabis.

Some sexual enhancement products are all hype, but when one is made by women and includes cannabis, it gets our attention. Professional dominatrix, Mistress Matisse, began using cannabis in her personal sex life a couple years ago and noticed profound pleasure-enhancing effects: increased sensory response, moisture, and massive orgasms. Once she recognized the amazing benefits of cannabis for sex, she wanted to share it with everyone, especially women.  As a well-known personality in the sex and kink communities, she was in the perfect position to spread the word, so she decided to start a line of cannabis products specifically crafted for sex. She called it Velvet Swing, after a charming sexual euphemism from the 40s.

Enter Chelsea Cebara, lead scientist behind the development of Velvet Swing. Chelsea and Matisse met through the sex positive and sex education communities and have been friends for many years. Matisse knew Chelsea was Seattle's de facto sex and cannabis guru and that she had been making cannabis lube for over a decade. When it was time to start formulating Velvet Swing, Matisse knew just who to call. 

Cannabis has been used around the globe to enhance intimacy for thousands of years, but these traditions have slumbered in the US due to decades of illegality. Now, there is an awakening of understanding how cannabis can affect intimacy. We are fortunate in Washington to have some incredible cannabis innovations at our disposal. Velvet Swing is a condom-safe, toy-safe, pH balanced, cannabis-infused lubricant sold at Vela

The creators of Velvet Swing will be at Vela on Friday, December 8 at 6:30 pm to talk about Sex and Cannabis (event details here). Get to know a little of the background here, then join the team at Vela on Friday for a deeper discussion. 

What gets your creativity going?

Chelsea Cebara: I love finding connections: between and among people, products, and cannabinoids.  The deep relationship that humans have with cannabis fascinates me endlessly.  When I read new research, especially when it explains scientifically the ancestral knowledge we've accrued about cannabis usage, I can't wait to put it into practice.  Cannabis exists at the intersection of art and science right now in a way that is completely extraordinary.

Mistress Matisse: What gets my creativity going is talking to people about Velvet Swing and hearing their feedback on the great experiences that they’ve had with it. It makes me want to create new and better intimacy products. 

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Chelsea Cebara, sex educator and lead scientist who developed Velvet Swing.

What’s makes your job awesome?  

CC: I get to help people have better sex—what could be more awesome that that?!  I would be excited if it were just giving people longer, stronger orgasms, but it's hearing from people who have used Velvet Swing to help address sexual dysfunction that brings me the most satisfaction.

MM: What’s both awesome and challenging about my job is working with the big team of really diverse people who are needed to bring a high-quality product to market.

What’s excites you most about the cannabis industry and/or your contribution to the industry?

CC: I love the entrepreneurial vigor that infuses the industry right now.  People who have previously been on the margins or who would have struggled to get access to capital are suddenly empowered.  And they are doing great things. The exciting thing about my part in that is that expertise in both sex and cannabis is pretty rare, and the combination has huge potential to improve people's sex lives and orgasmic response.  There are all these pseudo-scientific products out there purporting to give you a better sex, but here something that actually, provably works and it's just waiting to catch fire.

MM: I love that the cannabis industry is really just exploding right now—we're here witnessing a pivotal point in U.S. history, and I get to be part of that, and it's fascinating!

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Mistress Matisse, founder of Velvet Swing, is a professional dominatrix who was inspired to create a cannabis-infused lubricant after experiencing the pleasure-enhancing benefits of cannabis.

Curious to try it yourself? Velvet Swing can be found at Vela, which is located in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood.

Want to learn more? Join the Sex and Cannabis discussion at Vela on Friday, December 8, 6:30 p.m. Event is free and open to the public. 21+ only (valid photo ID required). RSVP to [email protected]

Warning: This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Smoking is hazardous to your health. There may be health risks associated with consumption of this product. Should not be used by women that are pregnant or breast feeding. Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. For use only by adults twenty-one and older. Keep out of the reach of children.