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In addition to a thoughtfully-curated selection of Asian groceries, Uwajimaya’s new little sister in South Lake Union has a formidable (and delicious) selection of grab n go items--perfect for lunch, a midday snack, or an after work happy hour. Here’s a few you don’t want to miss.  

The One Stop Shop Lunch: Chinese-style roast pork or duck is marinated overnight in a secret in-house recipe then layered over brown or white rice and an assortment of Asian veggies, including edamame and “Kai Slaw”: a blend of cabbage, daikon and carrots. It’s everything you need for lunch in one convenient box.

Sushi on Steroids: It’s one giant sushi roll packed burrito-style with fresh raw salmon, tuna, or shrimp tempura, as well as tobiko (fish roe), avocado, cucumbers and kaiware sprouts. Can you say “Sushiritto?”

The Asian-American Rice Ball: Hawaii meets Japan meets American fast food in this seaweed wrapped “Musubi” rice brick that’s topped with goodies like spam, eel, shrimp tempura, arabiki sausage, chashu (roast pork) or cheeseburger (ground beef and cheese!). Sorry McDonalds.  

The Starbucks Alternative: Give up the Frappuccino for a change and sample the Japanese teas, coffees, sodas and sweet drinks on selection here. There’s over a dozen green teas, as well as Japanese milk teas and milk-flavored drinks like “Calpis.” For a new take on a smoothie, go with the “Yakult,” a probiotic yogurt drink from Japan. If that’s still not cutting it, there’s Thai tea and local drinks like Rachel’s Ginger Beer and kombuchas.

The Poke Bar: Yes, it’s a thing now. But Uwajimaya was ahead of the trend and features over 12 varieties of poke at their poke bar (like tuna, Hamachi, salmon, shrimp, tako octopus). Here the Hawaiian-based raw fish salads are made fresh daily and change up regularly. Traditional, spicy, furikake, with gluten-free tamari, over rice or a colorful salad – you make the call.

The Filling Station: Head home (or back to the office happy hour) with a 32 oz. or 64 oz. growler of Sapporo, local beers, or local and Japanese sakes. Also coming soon to the tap: ciders and kombuchas.

Kai Market is located in the 400 Fairview Building at the corner of Fairview & Republican (home to Meat and Bread, mBar and Bar Harbor) and is open Monday-Friday from 10 a.m.- 8 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.  Kaimkt.com