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Wunderman Seattle • 1221 Yale Ave N, Suite 500 •  Seattle, WA 98109 •  206-505-7500

Robbee Minicola, President of Wunderman Seattle, is leading the way to the agency of the future. Her 20+ years in broadcast media and advertising, coupled with her experience as the subject matter expert on media for Microsoft’s Big Data and Machine Learning products, provides a vision for how to optimize data and analytics to drive value for brands. Robbee has expertise in unlocking data-driven insights to help brands develop business strategies and guide creative work across all channels and platforms.

As Robbee explains, consumers are becoming increasingly more reliant on mobile and connected devices and brands will need to think creatively to engage consumers on a personal level. Our Seattle team is expert in helping brands find new ways to communicate and is fortunate to have clients like Microsoft and T-Mobile ready to embark on this journey with us.