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Our city puts on some beautiful summers, sure, but many Seattleites feel most at home during the fall. You may have tipped back some crisp, cool ciders in the sun, but there’s no reason to retire the habit when the weather gets cooler, especially with the wide range of styles, flavors and tastes offered in craft ciders these days. Allow us to elaborate (and bring in the experts).

We asked Capitol Cider’s Cider and Beer Manager Jonathan Chambers: Which ciders pair best with your favorite fall pastimes?

  • Football Season & Tailgating

Game day often warrants a light brewski suited for extended day drinking that pairs well with burgers and/or pizza.

“Kiss those Bud Lights goodbye. In the cider world, Reverend Nat's Revival can't be beat,” says Chambers. “It’s one of the most accessible ciders for any palate, whether a cider connoisseur or somebody new to cider. This goes down quicker than you ever would think!”  

2) Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is not all about the beers.

“Oktoberfest to me means the heralding of all things fall, and nothing says fall to me than late harvest cider. Worley's Mendip Hills is a great example of this. Coming all the way from Somerset, England, this wild fermented cider is made from local, hand-pressed fruit that is matured throughout winter. This late harvest tactic allows the sugars to mature further, creating a more complex cider full of tannins and a balanced effervescence.” Wait, cider can have tannins like wine? Yes. Things just got serious.

3)  Halloween, or How to Make the Pumpkin Patch More Fun

“One of two rotating Imperial ciders in their litany of offerings, 2 Towns’ Nice & Naughty is as fall as fall can be. Perfect for drinking while picking out your favorite pumpkin from the patch, or while wrapping presents in December, there's something about spiced apple cider that evokes a sense of nostalgia in anybody.”

4)  A Cozy Fireside Night In

Sea Cider’s Prohibition is barrel aged in rum-soaked whiskey barrels. At 12 percent, this pleasant, decadent cider should probably be sipped, but always seems to disappear quicker than expected. This has been a Capitol Cider favorite since we opened, and is permanently available by the glass from our bottleshop.” 

“For a more festive (bubbly) option, Alpenfire Organic Hard Cider has two products that come to mind. Cinders is produced in the Methode Champenoise style (as is Champagne), creating a drier, naturally sparkling product. Glow Rosé on the other hand, is slightly sweeter and has bountiful notes of berries and tropical fruits. Crafted from the same red-fleshed Hidden Rose apples, both ciders’ juice retains the apple's pinkish hue.”

5) Thanksgiving

Thinking about pairing a cider with your turkey this Thanksgiving?  Look no further than Finnriver's winter seasonal, Cranberry Rosehip.

“Just the right amount of tartness from the cranberry, a balanced sweetness from the apples, and a light, floral note from the Rosehips, this cider is almost enough to make you think twice about breaking out that can of cranberry sauce for the table.” We’re thinking twice, and we’re convinced.

So how do you pick up these treasures?

“Stock up at our bottleshop! We have more than 200 ciders and any staff person can assist you in finding what you’re looking for, whether it’s on this list or not. We also reward you with discounts if you buy several bottles at a time. We also fill up growlers with ciders on draft,” says Chambers. 

So there you have it, folks. Cider is for all seasons, but we’re especially excited for this one.