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Past are the days of Gerald Ford, and his famous line, “The three-martini lunch is the epitome of American efficiency.” But why should the concept of a pleasurable lunch that also takes care of business be put away with the annals of history?

Enter cider: America’s original beverage, early forgotten victim of Prohibition, and recently revived by a crop of young and old farmers who are dedicated to the virtues of this magical, naturally fermented, adult apple juice.

Here are four reasons to sip back and relax with some cider, in the middle of the day:

  1. Cider makes a fantastic day drink – a lower ABV than many wines (and definitely a martini) means you can have a second glass (or third) while still keeping your head above water and on the inspired task at hand. 
  1. This beverage comes with a rainbow of colors and flavors to suit pretty much ANY taste. It’s not just for college kids and those with a foot half off the wagon. There are ciders so dry, the phrase “Pirate’s Plank” might just approach appropriate, while pairing exceptionally with oysters and cold seafood. If you like Sauternes with your foie gras, let Capitol Cider (818 E. Pike St.) introduce you to Eden Specialty Ciders’ line of Ice Ciders out of Vermont. And if you haven’t ever had a glass of traditional Scrumpy-style cider from West County while you shove a half pound burger with house-made bacon on it in your face, experts agree, you’re missing out. And did you know hopped ciders were a thing?
  1. Health properties of cider. The fermented juice, aside from being delicious, is a great way to add the health benefits of fermented products to your life. And there are a number of Sulphite-free bottles for the sensitive drinker. Cider by nature is 100 percent gluten free. And if this wasn’t enough to make our generation consider the Two Cider Lunch a healthy way forward, perhaps Harvard University might be. Researchers citing numerous clinical tests at the Harvard School of Public Health are saying that moderate drinking has been credited with “a 25 percent to 40 percent reduction in risk” of cardiovascular disease. And other maladies that may be improved with moderate drinking according to the smart researchers include gallstones and Type 2 Diabetes. Science has spoken.
  1. Local ciders and local settings. Capitol Cider’s patio in the summer pairs exceptionally well itself with one of the rosé-style ciders that Port Townsend’s Alpenfire Organic Hard Cider has so nailed this past season. (Wait, you didn’t know they make rosé cider? Get out of here. Actually, get over there and let’s do this). In addition to ciders out of Port Townsend, the Cascade region is producing some lovely options. And Capitol Cider’s menu of crisp salads and stacked sandwiches, vegan plates and the one of the city’s best fish & chips is hard to beat. And don’t forget the essentials … (onion dip and guacamole).

While cider can’t cure everything that ails you, it might be worth considering adding to your next lunch meeting. And there are 170+ to choose from at Capitol Cider.

The Two Cider Lunch: a mash up of classic and current. Happening every day, at Capitol Cider. Oh, and they have martinis, too.

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