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Dàmà Cannabis | www.damawashington.com


Dax Colwell & Boris Gorondnitsky, co-founders

Through passion, process, and personal touch, Dàmà products elevate the cannabis user experience. Known for its superior quality, Seattle-based Dàmà sets the standard in today’s emerging legal cannabis market.

With over 35 employees in its 30,000 sq ft facility, Dàmà is the company to watch in 2015. Dàmà clearly conveys a passion in its pursuit to perfect the craft of growing the finest cannabis. Dàmà gardeners sustain the rich heritage of the plant, while transforming and diversifying its uses from premium, dried flower to its flagship hash oil.

From the novice to the most discerning connoisseur, dàmà offers a premium cannabis experience that delivers consistent purity and potency.

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