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Parisian bistros inspired this den of wood wainscoting and curved brass chairs at 14th and Jefferson, but chef JJ Proville recasts classic French dishes with inherently Northwest players—dungeness, lingcod, coonstripe prawns—much like Netflix might reboot a great European TV series, but with more creme fraiche. The arctic char tartare would land L’Oursin among the city’s best restaurants even before you factor in the bar program. His business partner, Zac Overman, and the luminous wine brain of Kathryn Olson fill the marquee-lit bar with surprising cocktails and natural wines with the most entertaining tasting notes in town.

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1315 E Jefferson St, Seattle, WA, 98122
Central District  •  206-485-7173
Tue–Thu 5–10pm<br> Fri–Sat 5–11pm