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Something exploded in downtown’s most baroque comfort-food-o-rama—and if you clean your plate here it just might be you. Cushioned booths and tables on two levels allow for a comfy perch and a color-drenched eyeful—but come for the meatloaf, which eschews herby or bready in favor of good old-fashioned sweet, with its ketchupy molasses glaze. Or get a load of the mac ‘n’ cheese: the waiter hacks through the crunchy breadcrumb crust with a spoon, then pours melted cheese from a pitcher into the hole. Nobody’s going to win any culinary awards in here, but lotsa tourists will get fat and happy.

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icon Grill

1933 5th Ave, Seattle, WA, 98101
Denny Regrade  •  206-441-6330
Mon&ndash;Thu 11:30&ndash;2, 5&ndash;10 <br /> Fri 11:30&ndash;2, 5&ndash;11 <br /> Sat 10&ndash;2, 5&ndash;11 <br /> Sun 10&ndash;2, 5&ndash;10